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Kulina for companies - wholesale B2B

If you are interested in individual terms and
wholesale purchase of our products, please contact us
at nakup@kulina.cz.

Our wholesale team for the Made in Japan brand

The one and only Made in Japan brand also belongs to the Kulina Group. We are a wholesale importer and distributor of luxury tableware for Europe.
Please feel free to contact our wholesale team if you are interested. Learn more about the Made in Japan brand on www.mijeurope.com.

Lucie Šafránková
Office Manager
info@mijeurope.com +420 739 451 492
Michael Žuravlov
B2B Business Leader
michael@mijeurope.com +420 735 171 876
Jan Stuchlík
B2B Sales Manager
jan@mijeurope.com +420 605 121 377
Michaela Birošová
Marketplace Manager
michaela@mijeurope.com +420 739 754 991
Marek Hotovčin
MIJ General Management
marek@mijeurope.com +420 774 452 158